About me.

I’m Sarah. Many know me as Sarah Beth, or SBY. I’m soon to be Sarah Carr, and yes I do think it’s a great last name. Thinking of possibly baby names, such as Chevy or Malibu. Okay so maybe not, but all jokes aside, I am lucky to be writing again. I recently moved to the UK, to marry my beloved Fianc√© Josh, who bought this domain name as a sweet Valentine’s Day gift. That’s the kind of relationship we have, and I couldn’t be happier. Most days I spend my time working for COM Church here in Dunstable, or assisting Josh with websites for his business, Three Counties Media.

Design a simple life.

My blog is geared toward the simple life. It’s full of rantings and ravings about my favourite products. It’s all about my life as an American living in the UK. I love to travel, but who doesn’t? One of Josh and I’s goals is to travel to all of the EU countries within our first 5 year of marriage. I’m here to tell you about them. This blog is about my marriage, my friends, and my many cultural adjustments. It’s about food, and design, and style. It’s about you. And it’s certainly about me.


I think, travel, take pictures and blog about it.

My real time job is focused on advertising, so design is crucial in my daily life, and you’ll see a ton of ideas about that here also. I enjoy my cat Fredrick, who is still in the U.S., but will be joining us soon. Hobbies include writing poetry, reading the occasional book, banter, Amazon ordering, make-up, and late night Netflix. Thanks for joining me in my life, in my friendships, and in my walk with my Saviour, Jesus. Thank you to Josh, my favourite man, who inspires me daily.

Stay tuned in to Dunstable Darling!