Alfredo Who?

You guys, they don’t know what Fettuccine Alfredo is here and I am going crazy. Needless to say I am making it for Josh’s family STAT so they can experience this goodness. Actually it will have to wait as now Josh’s dad and his brother Simeon and some of our friends are doing the green smoothie detox themselves. It’s spreading like wildfire. Talking about food, the great British Bake Off is the most amazing show. Especially when they have celebs on there (Teri Hatcher anyone?), and it has inspired us to celebrate the experience with a little baking experiment of our own. So Josh and I decided to try our hand at a red velvet cake. And after two little corner shops failing to have any food coloring, I knew we were going to end up getting kicked off our own version of the show… Josh, being the master cocktail maker that he is, decided on red grenadine as a substitute… raspberry flavor anyone? The cake itself turned out well enough, despite some burning on the edges, but due to pressure on time we iced it too soon and it all slopped around on the plate. And there’s no pics, all of the evidence is in the trash. Tasted about the same though, and that’s all that matters right?

We finished our wedding website! For those interested/Involved, you can view it here. You are all invited to the ceremony and the dance party in the evening, but will be hosting the reception to only close friends and family.

Another thrilling note, Josh and I won a contest to be models in a wedding photoshoot by Lee Rushby. I even got to go in for a wedding dress fitting! Will post some pictures after it happens, but for now here is a sneaky photo of me in a wedding dress that is not my own, but will be used for the shoot.

As you might be able to tell, it is slight too big on me (it was the smallest dress in the shop, and I’ve been eating tons of Cadbury chocolate!) but hoping with the shoot and with flowers and makeup and my hair done it will all blend in together.

Cheers for now x