• Like Gold on a Tortilla Chip
    Today I want to share a fav. Straight from the heart of the Texan who didn’t know the gold she had in front of her until it was gone. Obviously I am meaning my queso recipe. From tried and true measures to failures, and only having certain kinds of cheeses in the UK (cough – not American which is what it’s actually made from in most Tex Men restaurants) here it is: 1-2 blocks of cheddar cheese 1 smaller block of Mexican or spicy cheese 1-2 cups of milk (or… Read More
  • Tranquility is the New Transformation
    We have all felt the overwhelming societal pressure to “stay busy”, whether it be during these times, or before. Many of us have been furloughed from work and now have less of a rigid agenda to akin to. This allows us to carve out space for a new daily routine, one that can hit pause on life and re-connect with our Lord.  I know some of us have kids and that can definitely keep us pretty busy. Or some of us are keyworkers and now have even less time to… Read More
  • Allura
    Well, (see what I did there?) we finally managed to book a Holiday in AND it came as a complete surprise to me as Josh just booked tickets and told me, but wouldn’t tell me where we were going! Until we got to the airport. I had a couple of hints and managed to guess it (as I usually do! I ALWAYS guess the surprises, even our engagement. But that’s for another blog post. I have NEVER eaten so much food, and pasta in my life and can’t even begin… Read More
  • Hello from New Life Land
    Tons has happened in the span of about a year. I got married, moved into a small one bedroom flat, I have acquired many jobs/clients, and have decided to vlog about my life. Stay tuned for more details about that. Our wedding was one of the best I have been too (I am biased, but it was really fantastic). Highlights: -Sunny day in the UK (Wow!) -Fajitas -Josh singing Perfect to me by surprise as our first dance! -Dancing the night away -Marriage rocks As AMAZING as our day was… Read More
  • Lord and Lady
    We didn’t get married… yet! As I talked about on an earlier post, these are the photos from the photoshoot! Gotta top this with our own wedding photos, but how!? Blog up on Engage Weddings. Thanks Lee Rushby and other involved in this shoot for all of your hard work! Flawless! This shoot was beyond fun and prepared us for the big day, mentally, spiritually, everything. We almost wanted to call a few of our friends and fam and just get it all over and done with! I also honestly… Read More
  • Alfredo Who?
    You guys, they don’t know what Fettuccine Alfredo is here and I am going crazy. Needless to say I am making it for Josh’s family STAT so they can experience this goodness. Actually it will have to wait as now Josh’s dad and his brother Simeon and some of our friends are doing the green smoothie detox themselves. It’s spreading like wildfire. Talking about food, the great British Bake Off is the most amazing show. Especially when they have celebs on there (Teri Hatcher anyone?), and it has inspired us… Read More

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