Hello from New Life Land

Tons has happened in the span of about a year.
I got married, moved into a small one bedroom flat, I have acquired many jobs/clients, and have decided to vlog about my life. Stay tuned for more details about that.

Our wedding was one of the best I have been too (I am biased, but it was really fantastic).
-Sunny day in the UK (Wow!)
-Josh singing Perfect to me by surprise as our first dance!
-Dancing the night away
-Marriage rocks

As AMAZING as our day was I honestly only have 4 regrets:

Lower lights:
-Missing our wedding band by almost every song because we were taking pictures and whoever organized that (no names) didn’t plan the timing right…
-Only eating a sliver of wedding cake, and not takin any with us to the honeymoon. IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD. Handmade by the very best, Katie Owen, ya’ll!!!
-JOY FREAKIN JOBI. Our wedding “photographer” who came highly recommended. YOU GUYS. She right up until the day, NEVER made the time to meet us face to face… almost didn’t show up (or so we thought) because she didn’t return emails or phone calls up until the big day. AND TOOK THE WORST PHOTOS EVER. I am so mad. Like didn’t have high quality. Had poor framing, could not work the lighting in the room NOR tried to fix that as we told he hit was difficult and to come to the venue beforehand to try it out, AND just made us look bad. There were like fans and random crap in the photos, never edited them… like just the absolute worst. ON my biggest day ever. And my family, cousins, Grandmere, etc flew over. LIKE COME ON. Nothing can replace this. Luckily we had that fake wedding photoshoot which kind of makes up for it. The Lord knew… ALSO we made her give us a refund. Anywho if you ever come across www.jobi-jphotography.com DON’T USE HER!!! Also just realized she blocked me on Insta. Petty and sad. She got like 5 good photos total. Ugh.
-Wearing my hair up. Why did I change my mind and do this? Oh well. It looks amazing but I wish I had gone with a down look.

SO that is that. People wonder what you regret on your big day, and although there isn’t too many, those are my ones.

On another note, I will be uploading some of our “US vs UK” vlogs on my YouTube, and will be uploading our mini honeymoon trips on there also. https://bit.ly/2VOdM9P = my channel. Cool. Not cool enough to get a custom domain yet. But we’ll get there.

Also very happy that I am traveling to Africa! We are going at the end of June to Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya. Dates of June 27-July 8 for those who want to pray or donate.

Still trying to figure out what I want to do over there in regards to missions. Likely a few women empowerment speeches, maybe bring some bras over for them. I heard that the girls there won’t get raped if they are wearing a bra as it is a sign of wealth. Will let you know if that’s that is going to happen. Will be doing media with Josh, and will help out where I can.

We will be traveling with Gents Barbershop -Dunstable who are going over to provide hair cutting skills and tools and setting up a shop for the guys over there to earn a living and also going back year after year to see progress and train more people. What an amazing opportunity!

So that’s it for now. Setting up my Youtube now to get this ball rolling.

Edit: video highlight link – www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-RJ5qVT2TU&t=4s