Boating the Digital World

As many of you know, I just moved to the town of Dunstable, UK to brave the new waters of marriage and love and of commitment. You know how you dream your whole life of becoming a bride, and wait and wait and wait (a little patiently, mostly not patiently at all…) and then plan on your Pinterest board and mentally choose who will be a bridesmaid based on what friend was nice to you that day, or what friend started acting strange and then you no longer wanted to be friends. You know? Can’t just be me, ya’ll (have to bring out the southern more just to make sure everyone around me knows that I’m the foreigner for a change). So that’s where it began. Many some odd years ago, and now I think I’ve finally decided on a wedding dress. Not entirely sure how I got to this point, but I can mainly ay it’s by the grace of God.

So, I want to share my trip, my adventure, my life story. With the intention that it can bring help, healing, and understanding and a bunch of other necessities that sound so cliche when typing out. But are sincerely rudimentary to all humans who have gone through some of the same situations I have. Gonna start subtweeting hard in this. Subblogging? You know. And then you’ll really know. Oh, and also so that my logophilia remains safe because gotta use what you have, and not lose it… ¬†and so Josh can finally stop pestering me to start my blog.

You wanna know what else? Josh bought me this domain name for Valentine’s day, because that’s how cute and nerdy we are. I bought him TRON cryptocurrency, because that’s the kind of girl I became. Another day another digital dollar.

Cheers xx