Sno Day Like A Snow Day

My new residence in the town of Dunstable, UK provides many new feats of adventure I must pass through before fully feeling adjusted. Things like zed. Instead of “Z,” they say zed. How cool is that? Does America even know that? Another wonderful thing is the cold. If it’s gonna be cold, it might as well be snowing, am I right? Certainly the weather agrees. Now I can wear beanies anytime I want. Certainly things dreams are made of.

I have also put a deposit down on a wedding dress, (Thanks Mignonette’s in Luton!) and honestly it only turned out to be about £297, which is about $414 dollars ya’ll. I ain’t sorry. I am winning at life. Now my best attempts are needed to make sure Josh doesn’t see pictures of it. Difficult, as he only needs to scroll through my phone, see messages on FB or text or get on my laptop. But boo knows better.

Missing American way of life i.e. social cues and queso. Making enchiladas tomorrow to help me cope. Must say though, the coffee here is way better so I cannot complain, I cannot. Want to s/o my father and mother who have managed to sell my car back home in Texas in about a month. They’re the greatest. See you all soon in July.

Who knew wedding heels were so comfortable? Why can’t they make normal heels like that?


Listening to : In The Name of Love : Kari Jobe