Detox the Toxic

So for 10 days Josh and I are doing this new detox, where all you drink is spinach plus fruit in a smoothie with flax seed, and have nuts and dried fruit throughout the day. You’re allowed one meal a deal but it has to be clean eating should you choose to accept it. Today and tomorrow I don’t have a choice as I already agreed to meet with some friends so it’s ON for those two meals. Talk about wedding ready, though! Technically only doing this for Josh for moral support but it will be nice to flush out all of the GMO laden American food. I also found this incredible place to run called Houghton Hall. It’s a dog park, and if I run around the woodsy areas (it looks like Narnia on forest crack) like three times it’s about 7k. So no complaining.

Wedding update! We found a photographer named Joy Jobi (She’s gonna be a joy to have around!!! Okay I cringed too on that one…) and her photos are ridiculous and beautiful! And let me tell you, I DO NOT like wedding photo sessions where everyone has to stand around for hours snapping pics and not eating the food. And we’re having fajitas so I will be in there like first in line, lemme tell ya. So 30 minutes tops of some posed photos and then queso. Which I will have to either import because they don’t really have it here, make it myself, or find it in a speciality shop. Oh my. Other news is, we started to buy some decor for the tables and have decided on a flower girl dress. We’re just waiting for one of our flower girls to get over the chicken pox. My next saga here has been avoiding the pox since I have never had it, nor had the vaccine. And they don’t do vaccines here for it, so every year little kids are getting it. AHHH. Do I just get it so it’s not ever a problem, or just pray extra hard every year? Prayers ya’ll.

In other news, I am just hoping that my caffeine free next 10 days doesn’t get to me. I haven’t stopped drinking coffee since I started it like probably 15 years ago? Definitely due for this detox. Already popped an aspirin.

Cheers xx