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Well, (see what I did there?) we finally managed to book a Holiday in AND it came as a complete surprise to me as Josh just booked tickets and told me, but wouldn’t tell me where we were going! Until we got to the airport. I had a couple of hints and managed to guess it (as I usually do! I ALWAYS guess the surprises, even our engagement. But that’s for another blog post.

I have NEVER eaten so much food, and pasta in my life and can’t even begin to explain the kind of flavors I tasted over there. Top vacation spot for good right now.

We went to: Bari, Polignano de Mare, & Conversano.

Our first day in we arrived about 1PM or so and took our rental car and drove from Bari airport to Conversano where we were staying. We got in, and apparently everyone in the afternoon shuts down shop. So nothing is open in regards to food, clothing, or even grocery stores. WE WERE STARVING. So we walked all over the town and managed to find a little restaurant who were having an Easter special meal of about like 8 courses for only 35 euros. So we said yes. I literally stuffed my face, and was full like 3 courses in. And they kept coming. Like it was a whole situation in a half. So we embarrassingly had to tell them to stop and we would just pay it and we left. I’m sure they thought us so rude but we had no idea what we were in for and this girl just could not do it.

Our first night in our AirBnB was LOVELY (the video shows it all). Yet we were awakened at 7AM by some banging outside by what seemed to be some sort of metal cladding. We were like okay, not very good… but let’s just see. The banging didn’t stop. So we eventually got up and got dressed and were ready to hit the day. We opened our door only to find out we were BARRICADED IN THE ROOM BY SCAFFOLDING. The guy was like “UN MOMENTO!!! UN MOMENTO!!!” Like could not even get out of our room. Apparently the spot we were in was with a ton of other holiday homes and the people above us were renovating and didn’t tell our AirBnB lady… We had one more night in there and it happened again and Yelled at them this time. We finally left and switched to a nicer AirBnB which actually saved us some money in the end. You couldn’t’ make this up!

We visited the beach, ate sooo much gelato, tried out 2 escape rooms, went sightseeing, and liked napped. Because we finally could. I did manage to get a bit of tan.

Video highlights below:

Hello from New Life Land

Tons has happened in the span of about a year.
I got married, moved into a small one bedroom flat, I have acquired many jobs/clients, and have decided to vlog about my life. Stay tuned for more details about that.

Our wedding was one of the best I have been too (I am biased, but it was really fantastic).
-Sunny day in the UK (Wow!)
-Josh singing Perfect to me by surprise as our first dance!
-Dancing the night away
-Marriage rocks

As AMAZING as our day was I honestly only have 4 regrets:

Lower lights:
-Missing our wedding band by almost every song because we were taking pictures and whoever organized that (no names) didn’t plan the timing right…
-Only eating a sliver of wedding cake, and not takin any with us to the honeymoon. IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD. Handmade by the very best, Katie Owen, ya’ll!!!
-JOY FREAKIN JOBI. Our wedding “photographer” who came highly recommended. YOU GUYS. She right up until the day, NEVER made the time to meet us face to face… almost didn’t show up (or so we thought) because she didn’t return emails or phone calls up until the big day. AND TOOK THE WORST PHOTOS EVER. I am so mad. Like didn’t have high quality. Had poor framing, could not work the lighting in the room NOR tried to fix that as we told he hit was difficult and to come to the venue beforehand to try it out, AND just made us look bad. There were like fans and random crap in the photos, never edited them… like just the absolute worst. ON my biggest day ever. And my family, cousins, Grandmere, etc flew over. LIKE COME ON. Nothing can replace this. Luckily we had that fake wedding photoshoot which kind of makes up for it. The Lord knew… ALSO we made her give us a refund. Anywho if you ever come across DON’T USE HER!!! Also just realized she blocked me on Insta. Petty and sad. She got like 5 good photos total. Ugh.
-Wearing my hair up. Why did I change my mind and do this? Oh well. It looks amazing but I wish I had gone with a down look.

SO that is that. People wonder what you regret on your big day, and although there isn’t too many, those are my ones.

On another note, I will be uploading some of our “US vs UK” vlogs on my YouTube, and will be uploading our mini honeymoon trips on there also. = my channel. Cool. Not cool enough to get a custom domain yet. But we’ll get there.

Also very happy that I am traveling to Africa! We are going at the end of June to Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya. Dates of June 27-July 8 for those who want to pray or donate.

Still trying to figure out what I want to do over there in regards to missions. Likely a few women empowerment speeches, maybe bring some bras over for them. I heard that the girls there won’t get raped if they are wearing a bra as it is a sign of wealth. Will let you know if that’s that is going to happen. Will be doing media with Josh, and will help out where I can.

We will be traveling with Gents Barbershop -Dunstable who are going over to provide hair cutting skills and tools and setting up a shop for the guys over there to earn a living and also going back year after year to see progress and train more people. What an amazing opportunity!

So that’s it for now. Setting up my Youtube now to get this ball rolling.

Edit: video highlight link –


Alfredo Who?

You guys, they don’t know what Fettuccine Alfredo is here and I am going crazy. Needless to say I am making it for Josh’s family STAT so they can experience this goodness. Actually it will have to wait as now Josh’s dad and his brother Simeon and some of our friends are doing the green smoothie detox themselves. It’s spreading like wildfire. Talking about food, the great British Bake Off is the most amazing show. Especially when they have celebs on there (Teri Hatcher anyone?), and it has inspired us to celebrate the experience with a little baking experiment of our own. So Josh and I decided to try our hand at a red velvet cake. And after two little corner shops failing to have any food coloring, I knew we were going to end up getting kicked off our own version of the show… Josh, being the master cocktail maker that he is, decided on red grenadine as a substitute… raspberry flavor anyone? The cake itself turned out well enough, despite some burning on the edges, but due to pressure on time we iced it too soon and it all slopped around on the plate. And there’s no pics, all of the evidence is in the trash. Tasted about the same though, and that’s all that matters right?

We finished our wedding website! For those interested/Involved, you can view it here. You are all invited to the ceremony and the dance party in the evening, but will be hosting the reception to only close friends and family.

Another thrilling note, Josh and I won a contest to be models in a wedding photoshoot by Lee Rushby. I even got to go in for a wedding dress fitting! Will post some pictures after it happens, but for now here is a sneaky photo of me in a wedding dress that is not my own, but will be used for the shoot.

As you might be able to tell, it is slight too big on me (it was the smallest dress in the shop, and I’ve been eating tons of Cadbury chocolate!) but hoping with the shoot and with flowers and makeup and my hair done it will all blend in together.

Cheers for now x

Shameless Update

Easter has come and gone and I have soooo many chocolate eggs as it’s the thing to give here. Will definitely remember that for next year so I’m not looking funny when people hand me one and I haven’t got any to give back!

But He has risen, He is alive, and I love Him. The real reason here for my life is Jesus. Thank you Lord for saving me.

Got to watch Josh lead worship for COM Church’s Good Friday Service and wow! He is ever so stunning. He is my favourite to lead worship, along with a friend named Ted Jiboye who is incredibly talented, and has an album launch coming soon! When they both worship, the presence of God just floods the place.

I also got to see Leeland and Pat Barrett (from Housefires) as they came and did a show here for us, during their UK tour. Such great guys, and Leeland is from Baytown, which is fairly close to Beaumont, which is basically my hometown. Crowbarred that to fit? But we both have mutual friends and it was nice to see a Texan face.

I have also started another advertising job from the states since I’m not allowed to work here. Let me explain my current situation (and with a shameless gofundme request at the end) just so you all know.

I have moved my life to be in Dunstable with my future husband Josh Carr. I am happily settled in at the Pastor’s house for COM Church, where Josh works. I am also doing light contract work for two advertising firms in the states as I am not allowed to be paid for work in the UK yet. It’s fun and what I love to do, and just about pays for my student loans. I am currently here on a temporary visa which allows my to stay for 6 months before getting married. (It’s like 115 day until then… what even…)

 So the next few steps for us in all of this is to apply for a spousal visa which will allow me permanent residence, the ability to be full-time employed here in the UK, and grant me access to the National Health System. The spousal visa and all relating applications amount to about $2,500, which is a ton of stress for on one and a half salaries between the two of us. Anyways, we have to get it in early July so if anyone wants to donate to that, please feel free!!!

I got to meet baby Bronte Palmer and she is the cutest one. I know we have many hopping trips coming up and she knows that Auntie Sarah will spoil the mess out of her.

Also, look at that fab wallpaper in the background. UK houses usually have fun colours throughout and sometimes one color scheme. Like everything will be purple or turquoise. They even have those color of cars here and it is random and funny. Can anyone guess what my house will look like? Black and copper and grey. Maybe a lil turquoise.

Cheers xx

Sno Day Like A Snow Day

My new residence in the town of Dunstable, UK provides many new feats of adventure I must pass through before fully feeling adjusted. Things like zed. Instead of “Z,” they say zed. How cool is that? Does America even know that? Another wonderful thing is the cold. If it’s gonna be cold, it might as well be snowing, am I right? Certainly the weather agrees. Now I can wear beanies anytime I want. Certainly things dreams are made of.

I have also put a deposit down on a wedding dress, (Thanks Mignonette’s in Luton!) and honestly it only turned out to be about £297, which is about $414 dollars ya’ll. I ain’t sorry. I am winning at life. Now my best attempts are needed to make sure Josh doesn’t see pictures of it. Difficult, as he only needs to scroll through my phone, see messages on FB or text or get on my laptop. But boo knows better.

Missing American way of life i.e. social cues and queso. Making enchiladas tomorrow to help me cope. Must say though, the coffee here is way better so I cannot complain, I cannot. Want to s/o my father and mother who have managed to sell my car back home in Texas in about a month. They’re the greatest. See you all soon in July.

Who knew wedding heels were so comfortable? Why can’t they make normal heels like that?


Listening to : In The Name of Love : Kari Jobe

Boating the Digital World

As many of you know, I just moved to the town of Dunstable, UK to brave the new waters of marriage and love and of commitment. You know how you dream your whole life of becoming a bride, and wait and wait and wait (a little patiently, mostly not patiently at all…) and then plan on your Pinterest board and mentally choose who will be a bridesmaid based on what friend was nice to you that day, or what friend started acting strange and then you no longer wanted to be friends. You know? Can’t just be me, ya’ll (have to bring out the southern more just to make sure everyone around me knows that I’m the foreigner for a change). So that’s where it began. Many some odd years ago, and now I think I’ve finally decided on a wedding dress. Not entirely sure how I got to this point, but I can mainly ay it’s by the grace of God.

So, I want to share my trip, my adventure, my life story. With the intention that it can bring help, healing, and understanding and a bunch of other necessities that sound so cliche when typing out. But are sincerely rudimentary to all humans who have gone through some of the same situations I have. Gonna start subtweeting hard in this. Subblogging? You know. And then you’ll really know. Oh, and also so that my logophilia remains safe because gotta use what you have, and not lose it…  and so Josh can finally stop pestering me to start my blog.

You wanna know what else? Josh bought me this domain name for Valentine’s day, because that’s how cute and nerdy we are. I bought him TRON cryptocurrency, because that’s the kind of girl I became. Another day another digital dollar.

Cheers xx